Hipchat Details

DeployHub allows you to send notifications using Notifiers via HipChat Groups, Topics, or Room features. Notifications are defined to Components and Applications and inform the recipient(s) of the Component or Applications deployment’s success or failure. To define your Notifier see Using Notifiers for Messaging.

Field Description
HTML If checked, will send email in HTML format.
HTML Override If checked will indicate the value can be overridden. This is used for ‘scripted’ notifications where the action editor includes a ‘notify’ action.
Logfile The location of the log results between DeployHub and Hipchat.
Logfile Encrypted The Logfile can be hidden in the DeployHub database.
Logfile Override The Logfile location can be changed.
Webhook The url for the group chat, topic chat, or chat room.
Webhook Encrypted The Webhook can be hidden in the DeployHub database.
Webhook Override The Webhook can be changed.

Assign your Hipchat Notifier to an Application or Component from the Details section of the Application or Component Dashboard. For more information see:

Define Your Component. Defining Your Application Baseline .

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