DeployHub On-Prem Installation

Installing DeployHub On-premise

On Premise Installation Using the DeployHub Helm Chart

DeployHub can be installed into your own cloud environment, or onto a hosted cloud environment. DeployHub uses Helm to manage and perform the installation. The process includes the installation of multiple containers.

Step 1 - Download and Run Helm

The DeployHub on-premise Helm chart and instructions can be found at ArtifactHub. This is the location for the most up to date instructions for downloading and running the Ortelius Helm chart. (

Step 2 - Access DeployHub from your browser

Run the following command to find your IP address for the DeployHub URL.

kubectl get svc -n deployhub ms.nginx 

This will display the external IP address you need to run the URL.

Step 3 - Access the DeployHub URL and Login

Access the URL from the following address:

http://<External IP Address from above step>/dmadminweb/Home

To log in please use userId: admin and password: admin.

Note: You can create your own Administrator UserID and remove the default userid and password.

Next Steps

Once you have completed your installation, you can take the next step and complete a Proof of Concept integrated into your CI/CD pipeline with the Command Line Interface.

Last modified November 30, 2022: updates for CLI and new install process. (7abfec5)