Integrating Slack with DeployHub Notifiers.

Slack can be integrated with DeployHub using Notifiers. Notifiers can be called to report on success or fail status of deployments. See Using Notifiers for Messaging for more information.

Slack Details

DeployHub sends messages to Slack based on certain events using Notifiers. Below are the Slack details used when called by Notifiers. To define your Notifier see Using Notifiers for Messaging.

Field Description
Channel A particular channel within a Workspace. These can be public, private, or shared.
Channel Encrypted If checked, the Channel can be hidden in the DeployHub Database.
Channel Override If checked, the Channel name can be changed.
Logfile The location of the log results between DeployHub and Slack.
Logfile Encrypted If checked, the Logfile can be hidden in the DeployHub database.
Logfile Override If checked, the Logfile location can be changed.
Webhook The url for the group chat, topic chat, or chat room.
Webhook Encrypted If checked, the Webhook can be hidden in the DeployHub database.
Webhook Override If checked, the Webhook can be changed.

Assign your Slack Notifier to an Application or Component from the Details section of the Application or Component Dashboard. For more information see:

Define Your Component. Defining Your Application Baseline .